On November 25, 1855, Rev. F. D. Piner met with a small group of people for the purpose of organizing a Cumberland Presbyterian Church at Mount Zion in Panola County, MS. The following presented themselves to be received as members: William C. Nickel, Mary J. Martin, Thomas Yarborough, Rebecca E. Nickle, Sarah Wright, Willy Waldrup, Elizabeth Martin and Tennessee Bivans. 

On July 25, 1856, another meeting was held with Rev. G. W. Lane presiding. The following were received into the church: Thomas D Nichol, Elizabeth S. Waldrup , Susan Nichol, Sarah E. Waldrup, George W Waldrup and Elizabeth A. Nickel. The church was then duly organized and the following were elected and installed as Ruling Elders: Thomas D. Nickel and William C . Nickel. Thomas D. Nickel was made Clerk of the Session. This church was located 3 miles southwest of Batesville at Bluepond. It burned during the 1861–1865 ( Civil ) War and according to the session minutes the congregation worshiped at the Courtland church August 8, 1886 and later at Sullivan schoolhouse near the McMurray place on August 14, 1887 and September 9, 1889. During this time the session continued to meet regularly in different homes. On February 5, 1884, Sara Jane Fowler (Figg) deeded 2 and 36/100 acres of land to the Free Methodist Church Trustees who were then meeting at the Independence location. The Presbyterian Church was reorganize in May 1887 at Independence with a membership at 24. T. N. McDowell, J. F. Waldrup and W. H. Brazzle were elected ruling elders, in addition to those already serving. On April 6, 1891, the first service was held at Independence with Rev. R.A.N. Wilson preaching.

In 1893, Rev. M.L.Aldridge, J.W. Busby, James Butts, Samuel Cooper, Silas Farr, J.R. Aldridge, and JV. Aldridge, Commission of the Free Methodist and J.F. Waldrup, W.H. Brasell, and T.N. McDowell, Commission of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, signed an agreement allowing the Cumberland Presbyterian Church the use of the Free Methodist Church at Independence for half time service so long as it was used as a church, providing they assisted in repair and white-washing.

According to records of Sunday School at Independence Church donated to us by Mrs. Maude Carpenter Grace, kept by Mrs. Annie Carpenter, Secretary Mrs. Emma McDowell, and Treas. Mrs. Alice Vaughan. There were four classes, A, B, C, D, and met each week in the afteroon, most of the time at 3:30 P.M. The time changed from time to time. Weather, even rain, sometimespreventeed them from having Sunday School. Sometimes teh offering was thirty cents, or five cents. Times were tough, but they survived. Rev. R.A.N. Wilson served from 1906 through 1912, and was followed by Rev. C.S. Bass. Rev. Wilson also served from 1915 through 1922, with the membership growing every year. By 1915, the church had reached 103 members.

R.D. Aldridge was a synod delegate in October 1916, which was held at the Corinth Church.

In 1917 an effort was aided by Rev. R.A.N. Wilson to establish a community church. He was aided by the Board of National Missions. The project was to be one with the number of demonstration parishes but the work was never completed.